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These cords are made with a core of rubber threads with an outside layer(s) of braided yarn. They vary tremendously in size and characteristics. Diameters range from under 1/16” to over 1”. The size is not the sole determining factor in the modulus (force required to stretch). The modulus of any size cord can be increased by packing the rubber tighter. Generally, the harder the cord, the greater the modulus. Varying the ratio of yarn to rubber also controls modulus. The braiding process allows for varying patterns of colors in the outside jacket. Most cords are white with a color “marker” but cords can be made with mixtures of colors in stripes, spirals or dashes. Larger cords come in a single or double cover. The double-covered is a premium cord with the inner cover usually made from cotton and the outer from a synthetic yarn. Many cords on the market are made from “transition” or other off-spec rubber. These are less costly and are adequate for many applications but lack the consistency needed for more demanding uses. Our cords utilize only prime rubber and thus offer a more uniform size and stretch. For specialty applications we can manufacture the cord with improved UV, fire, oil, sea water or abrasion (wet and dry) resistance. These are made to order and construction is dependent on properties and quantities required.

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CordSpecFIRERESISTD34-518 White With Blue Marker 0.343 FT 50 Spool 2 Ask for Quote .343-in. diameter; FIRE-RESISTANT Polypropylene Yarn Stretch Cord; White With Blue Marker Spool QUOTE
CordSpecGold070-410 Gold Metallic 0.07 YD 144 Spool 10 Ask for Quote .07-in. diameter GOLD METALLIC And Polyester Stretch Cord; Great For Package Wrapping Spool QUOTE
CordSpecSilver070-410 Silver Metallic 0.07 YD 144 Spool 10 Ask for Quote .07-inch diameter SILVER METALLIC And Polyester Stretch Cord; Great For Package Wrapping Spool QUOTE
CORDSPECX-Other N/A N/A N/A N/A Spool N/A N/A Other Types, Sizes, Colors Or Quantities, Specialty Cords Spool QUOTE
CORDStandardC024 White with Black Markers N/A N/A N/A Spool N/A N/A OTHER Sizes, Quantities, Standard Cord (White Nylon Yarn With Black Polypropylene Marker) Spool QUOTE
  Results 51 - 55 of 55 1 2 3 

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